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During a casual fall in a bottomless pit, Gruncle Stan is bored by the kids nonsense that decides to let even Soos tell a story. This time Soos is not about to disappoint and delivers the story of his life - THE GREAT PINBALL STORY :-D

Released on 1.4.2020 without any joke :-D 201-211-221 bpm 48 kHz 24 bit.

Futher I'd suggest you to check the origins of Space Cadet by LDT (click) and episode Bottomless Pit by Gravity Falls!


Attention!!! People of the OFFICE!!!

Check out the video for full experience ;-)

Released on 6.12.2019 at 200 bpm 48 kHz 24 bit.

Demeter is a goddess mediator of earth frequencies through humanity!

While decoding those frequencies I stumbled upon the story of the infamous Astronaut Dolphin Detective, who "happens to the best detective on this side of the milky way"! According to his colorful CV he destroyed the space nazis who tried to blow up mars, but got jailed for flashing some space kids. Yet he had to be released in order to deal with an evil space shrimp, who planned to cut the sun in half. Check out how this unique detective multidimensional journey will unfold!

As you might see the main visual inspiration comes from a standalone episode of Mr. Pickles called Astronaut Dolphin Detective. ADD was first introduced in Mr. Pickles during a TV commercial in Cheeseman episode. Being "the favorite show" ADD gains momentum and earns own solo episode. Later on without any coincidence, the other so called square pants cheeseman Spongebob and his retarded friends had been saved by ADD during Sponge, the movie and got to know ADDs real name! Further visual illumination credits goes to Vloopy, Dizart, Hexeosis and Motionloops!

The story of this track started in a casual autumn day, 6.11.2019 to be exact, I was sitting in the morning, drinking my coffee to get ready to put a final touches to my Hitech Worldwide Community contest track submission. So while drinking coffee I saw a topic where a bunch of group members "roasted" the fresh release of Yatzee and Brainstalker. While scrolling through the comments I saw an unproportionally popular popcorn eating comment by someone seemingly amused by the heated diSScussion. That guy had the same name as me and out of curiosity I clicked on his profile and it turned out it was Yatzee himself. The next thing I read under his profile picture was that he offers privates and I decided to drop a message to see what happens. You know everyone apparently offers "privates", yet when I wrote to some producers in soundcloud they never answered so I gave up doing that. Now I thought, reaching out someone through facebook is more likely to be positive and I gave it a go, then finished my coffee and continued with my other "production". Surprisingly, Yatzee answered promptly and after one "handshake" session we started a hitech course a moth later. It first featured twisted so unds sourcing from the earth magnetic field being hit by a solar storm. I made the first ~108 bars directly after reading the scientific news, made some serious math to came up with the 197 bpm :-D, and saved the project under the name "Frequencies". Strangely, the first cuts remained untouched till the release now 3 months later. The track of course wouldn't be the same without the infamous Astronaut Dolphin Detective and his signature "work". He was summoned to the track, because I those earth sounds reminded me a lot of doplhin sounds and I thought they'll fit perfectly together. Since I don't know any decent dolphins besides ADD it was a clear call :-D Bubbles or ADDs alter ego, came while I was searching to get enough doplhin visuals for the video, and funny enough ADD appears first in Mr. Pickles exactly in the Cheeseman episode :-D

Released on 20.02.2020 in memoriam Hunter S. Thompson. 197 bpm 48 kHz 24 bit.

 Going deep down the rabbithole one enters Wonderland. A place where nothing is impossible as described by Alice:

Alice notable journeys were depicted by "Lewis Carroll" to change the world of billions of children, among Jefferson Airplane psy rock band. In a call for inspiration their lead singer Grace Slick, listened to the amazing musical masterpiece Bolero for days and read Alice's wonderland adventures. Composed by Ravel, the 3/4 rhythm progressively brings one deeper and deeper in wonderland. All of this was put together by Grace in the most iconic psychedelic rock vocals ever recorded. The track was called White Rabbit and predestined to become the anthem of whole generation and is viewed as an antidote to the modern hypocritical society. It was released on this date before 53 years, third of November, 1966!
In this modern adaptation, as you might call it, I am blending all of the mentioned revolutionary sound waves with the first real philosophical fairy tale painted by Disney in 1951 in a modern psychedelic dubstep sound!
I am very grateful to my girlfriend for bringing this journey together, to Flo who listened to this track through all of its versions, as well as the other Flo! To go down in a 100 bpm quest I was mostly inspired by the amazing consciousness shattering sounds of Symbolico! Other inspirations include the hyperspace exploration sounds by Tipper, the shamanic music by Porangui, the world bass waves by Globular and recently the brutal releases by Klaada! On this topic I might release some psydub mix combining all of those ;-) But before that I plan to record some more elements to the track with friends, and create a video for it :-)

10 minutes, 10 seconds 100 bpm - ready to tumble down the rabbit hole!

Taste the breakthrough of mr. Freeman along his journey beyond 11:11 levels of consciousness!

Based on true story, this audio voyage sneaks through multiple magic portals to breach hidden dimensions and explore their conscious composition. Together with Psychatritis we laid out the basis of this manifest so that after many further explorations and refinements it became λ.

Obviously, I am very grateful to Kelly Bailey, the author of the original Half Life sound track and its amazing game effects. It's strange that I haven't played at all for a decade, yet those amazing soundscapes worked somehow in my subconscious to emerge in this hitech blast. Just imagine, what will be the face reaction of Kelly if he happens to hear this track :-D

For this video I've used various half life trailers as well as incredible storys by enthusiasts. I am very surprised there was so much awesome material, which I could use to create this hardcore tripping journey!

I am also very thankful to all of my friends whom I've terrorized with this track and its different stages during the process of its extraction! Much love to Rossy, Flo, Shiva and the rest of the Psybrücken crew!

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Release date 2019-08-15. BPM in the beginning is 193, then 199 and at the end 211. There are various changes including steps at 191, 197, 205.