Taste the breakthrough of mr. Freeman along his journey beyond 11:11 levels of consciousness!

Based on true story, this audio voyage sneaks through multiple magic portals to breach hidden dimensions and explore their conscious composition. Together with Psychatritis we laid out the basis of this manifest so that after many further explorations and refinements it became λ.

Obviously, I am very grateful to Kelly Bailey, the author of the original Half Life sound track and its amazing game effects. It's strange that I haven't played at all for a decade, yet those amazing soundscapes worked somehow in my subconscious to emerge in this hitech blast. Just imagine, what will be the face reaction of Kelly if he happens to hear this track :-D

For this video I've used various half life trailers as well as incredible storys by enthusiasts. I am very surprised there was so much awesome material, which I could use to create this hardcore tripping journey!

I am also very thankful to all of my friends whom I've terrorized with this track and its different stages during the process of its extraction! Much love to Rossy, Flo, Shiva and the rest of the Psybrücken crew!

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Release date 2019-08-15. BPM in the beginning is 193, then 199 and at the end 211. There are various changes including steps at 191, 197, 205.