After asking google about me, I didn't found something interesting. In particular, there was not a single site in the web, where you can read, that I am great! Oh yeah! So I decided to create my own website to propagate this idea! How great! :)

So uhm, yeah, my name is Svilen and I am great! This is my official website! Checkout following sections:

In Computer Science you'll find stuff related to my studies and profession, as well as my greatness there (haha).

Grappling, Climbing, Boxing and Rings are about my biggest passions. I would not like to call them sports, as they are for me far beyond. In these categories you'll meet my blogs related to these topics and also videos and photos I made and edit.

"About Me" is kind of self explaining.



Here a short list of my recent full Articles:

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And here some selected recent short Articles:

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2018-01-07 Duwebrunnen






A line to say thanks:

I am very grateful to my family for supporting me!

Thanks to my friends being my friends :)