Demeter is a goddess mediator of earth frequencies through humanity!

While decoding those frequencies I stumbled upon the story of the infamous Astronaut Dolphin Detective, who "happens to the best detective on this side of the milky way"! According to his colorful CV he destroyed the space nazis who tried to blow up mars, but got jailed for flashing some space kids. Yet he had to be released in order to deal with an evil space shrimp, who planned to cut the sun in half. Check out how this unique detective multidimensional journey will unfold!

As you might see the main visual inspiration comes from a standalone episode of Mr. Pickles called Astronaut Dolphin Detective. ADD was first introduced in Mr. Pickles during a TV commercial in Cheeseman episode. Being "the favorite show" ADD gains momentum and earns own solo episode. Later on without any coincidence, the other so called square pants cheeseman Spongebob and his retarded friends had been saved by ADD during Sponge, the movie and got to know ADDs real name! Further visual illumination credits goes to Vloopy, Dizart, Hexeosis and Motionloops!

The story of this track started in a casual autumn day, 6.11.2019 to be exact, I was sitting in the morning, drinking my coffee to get ready to put a final touches to my Hitech Worldwide Community contest track submission. So while drinking coffee I saw a topic where a bunch of group members "roasted" the fresh release of Yatzee and Brainstalker. While scrolling through the comments I saw an unproportionally popular popcorn eating comment by someone seemingly amused by the heated diSScussion. That guy had the same name as me and out of curiosity I clicked on his profile and it turned out it was Yatzee himself. The next thing I read under his profile picture was that he offers privates and I decided to drop a message to see what happens. You know everyone apparently offers "privates", yet when I wrote to some producers in soundcloud they never answered so I gave up doing that. Now I thought, reaching out someone through facebook is more likely to be positive and I gave it a go, then finished my coffee and continued with my other "production". Surprisingly, Yatzee answered promptly and after one "handshake" session we started a hitech course a moth later. It first featured twisted so unds sourcing from the earth magnetic field being hit by a solar storm. I made the first ~108 bars directly after reading the scientific news, made some serious math to came up with the 197 bpm :-D, and saved the project under the name "Frequencies". Strangely, the first cuts remained untouched till the release now 3 months later. The track of course wouldn't be the same without the infamous Astronaut Dolphin Detective and his signature "work". He was summoned to the track, because I those earth sounds reminded me a lot of doplhin sounds and I thought they'll fit perfectly together. Since I don't know any decent dolphins besides ADD it was a clear call :-D Bubbles or ADDs alter ego, came while I was searching to get enough doplhin visuals for the video, and funny enough ADD appears first in Mr. Pickles exactly in the Cheeseman episode :-D

Released on 20.02.2020 in memoriam Hunter S. Thompson. 197 bpm 48 kHz 24 bit.