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On certain Bulgarian ceremonial days, Kukeri are shamans who perform traditional rituals intended to scare away evil spirits. Similar ancient traditions still have their roots in Mongol culture, as well as all around the globe. This video features their celebration over angry ghosts over tuvan throat singing combined with mysterious folklore voices.

75 years ago, in the midst of people raping and killing each other an alternative thinking man made the most important discovery concerning human consciousness evolution during the WWII and took the first bike trip! This video is dedicated to all brave psychonauts out there trespassing the beyond :)

Ozorians are the weirdest objects in the universe!

This is how we represented our country at the Global Village event at the Saarland university. We gathered 225 EUR, which we donated to the flooding campaign in Bulgaria.

After watching some of my Gopro shots I decided to create a small video narrative to the Bulgarian hymn, so that we can sing along with friends watching it :)