Here a short article, that may address qualifications like Buying Death, Shareholding Slavery, Satisfaction Slaughtering and Earth-Squeezing to the Modern Highly Developed and Civilized Consumer, called by some "the Ordinary Citizen"

First of all:

Who is the Developed and Civilized Consumer and where he lives?!

- To see where he lives ask google for "list countries by waste", "list countries by GDP", "list countries by energy consumption" and sort the "champions". He is a very brave citizen and a real social role model in one of these countries and according to his country ranking in those lists he may be even braver and better example!

Buying Death - nooo, nooo way this could be the casual brave citizen! How could he be such one?

- Recently bought a CD, DVD or just a toy of Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson after their death? Just to remember them? How touching! But to your disappointment, the dear consumer disappointment, in reality you just bought death! How come?

Well lets start the story with some names you might have already forgotten. First interesting name might be Elvis Presley. I don't really care of his musical career, but he is a good example, because he was once the biggest music industry "front-man". After he became the "king of the rock" he could no longer steer the industry behind his "image". In fact, he couldn't control his own actions and as in the early 1977 the journalist Tony Scherman wrote: "Elvis Presley had become a grotesque caricature of his sleek, energetic former self. Hugely overweight, his mind dulled by the pharmacopoeia he daily ingested, he was barely able to pull himself through his abbreviated concerts.". So he influenced his "image" very very bad and it was time for his "image" to kill him. The industry can't stop like that. So he was killed, or say better that he was "self killed". Boom! The industry exploded. People crying! Buy figure of Elvis! Buy his hair! Buy his CD! ...! What a gold mine! People bought death and are still buying! Cool!

Nevertheless, I won't get into details, I think average intelligent man should get the point. Next one which come to my mind is Freddie Mercury, who had at least better songs than Elvis, or at least very honest. However the "show must go on"... And yeah the consumer bought his death too - top price!

Next thing that comes to my mind is the biggest saga in the rap world - Notorious B.I.G. vs. 2Pac. Their managers saw the great opportunity to "wag the dogs" and made record sales after splitting them and then made record sales after killing them! What a great move!

Aah and the recent ones I've mentioned - Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Both of them were almost same shit. In my opinion they have no good songs besides "they don't care about us" (actually this ends the list of good songs :D), but I won't talk about them in musical aspect. I'll mention their life aspect - both bankrupt, mentally ill, alcoholic, drug addicted and actually the worst thing - they couldn't do the business anymore! The first flaws were "normal" for "art people", but if you don't spit albums for the industry, as you did once - well you gotta be sold as a deadman! And both murders brought record sales!

Well, I won't get into details anymore here, just took the musical industry as a famous example to show that the casual brave citizen bought a lot of death and clothed it with touching words like "Michael, we'll always remember you!", "Whitney, you are in in our hearts!". This happens in all other fields. Remember Dennis Ritchie and Steve Jobs?! "Who the fuck is Dennis Ritchie?", you might ask, but I would rather ask that for Steve Jobs :)

Shareholding Slavery?! In 21st century?!

- Well slaves are nowadays good business and everyone takes his share! Did you like to go shopping?! Well that's your share! Have you ever asked yourself where the clothes come from, where your coffee and chocolate comes from, where the rest of your food comes from, or even where your computer came from?! Well guess what - it is produced by slaves! People born to be slaves and raised as a slaves and treated as such. And you have your shares in this Slavery Shareholding! Buy more - get a bigger share! Tell your friends to buy more, share your pictures shopping, upgrade your status that you are shopping and it is "fun" and now you are the free agent promoting Slavery Shareholding - congratulations!

I think the degree of explanation es enough here as well, however you might check the dozens of documentaries made by investigating reporters, or read their books, or see their photos, or just speak with the people from those countries, if you don't came from the "third world", to know more.

Satisfaction Slaughtering - what a combination!

- Here I won't write about the direct slaughtering like the dolphin or whale massacres in Denmark or Japan, nor about the other aspects shown in movies like Earthlings. I'll put a few words about the other indirect Satisfaction Slaughtering. Namely, are you overweight?! Well if so, besides having a bigger share in the Slavery as discussed above, you are an active satisfaction slaughter! You like to eat to get some more satisfaction?! Eat some chocolates for a great taste and don't mind that the chocolates are produced by slaves and indirect or actually "in fact" you drink their blood - so drink more yeah! Eat 10 steaks every day - it's good for the slaughtering business - you support the economy, it's up to you, so eat more! Don't think about every supplemental kilogram as an Satisfaction Slaughtering - think only about the satisfaction and stay blind and satisfied! Make more mass - be more satisfied!

Won't write further as well. I know people are very aggressive when you talk about their weight. At least in my blog I let myself to write something :)

Earth-Squeezing too?!

- Yes! Squeeze for oil, squeeze for woods, squeeze for water, squeeze for gas, just squeeze! It's all for us! Why the earth is so poor?! Invade other planets and squeeze them as well!

Conclusion Questions:

How long will this continue?

How far it will go?

Would you like a bigger or rather a smaller share?

Can you keep closing your eyes for what's happening?