Here I'll put some unsorted casual list about important milestones for putting you in a box. The first ones are the older ones so don't wonder if those are in a running state:

"Professor Marina Gavrilova, the founding head of the lab – among the first in the research community to introduce and study neural network based models for information fusion – says they have developed a biometric security system that simulates learning patterns and cognitive processes of the brain."

A "great research" attempting to store all that happened to you in detail inside your own DNA! "Or you can imagine other huge data sources like all the neuronal firings in the brain, which can be encoded in the DNA, and you can do a selective reading of that, as needed, and so on...", like "George Church, the Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and a founding core faculty member of the Wyss Institute for Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University" is proposing in the video at the article.

This one is very good paper about Bit Torrent direct and indirect Monitoring. It displays how even single torrent usage is enough to put you in tracking lists.

Pretty frightening news about Microsoft patenting surveillance technology against its own customers, but almost all kinect applications profit from behavior monitoring as well.

Seems like students became officially prisoners.

A commercial system for tracking You and Your behavior, because of You being "social".

Seems predictions became very trendy, because "social prediction start-up Behavio, which collects data from your mobile phone to forecast what you might do in the future, is joining Google".

Would rather call that "10 Technologies that will rob your life".

Well everyone wants a big piece from the pie, right?

Finally, we have officially granted mind control implants!

Anytime access to your PC granted by Intel. Maybe one of the first public news of this kind.

"...aims to develop and test wireless, implantable “neuroprosthetics” that can help servicemembers, veterans, and others overcome memory deficits incurred as a result of traumatic brain injury or disease." This is the purpose of the ~50 million USD program for sure.

Those smart lenses are definitely “for people living with presbyopia who can no longer read without glasses, the ‘smart lens’ has the potential to provide accommodative vision correction to help restore the eye’s natural autofocus on near objects in the form of an accommodative contact lens or intraocular lens as part of the refractive cataract treatment”.

An innocent game or just the next milestone of upgrading the mass surveillance database of governments exploiting the precise and higher number of smartphone sensors using modern sensor fusion SLAM algorithms?

It seems that writing and reading your mind using media is not enough, so within the lead of DARPA all biggies including Facebook, Google and Elon Musk are in the race of planting a read/write interface into your brain and plug it into the cloud of IoT.

Here a short article, that may address qualifications like Buying Death, Shareholding Slavery, Satisfaction Slaughtering and Earth-Squeezing to the Modern Highly Developed and Civilized Consumer, called by some "the Ordinary Citizen"

First of all:

Who is the Developed and Civilized Consumer and where he lives?!

- To see where he lives ask google for "list countries by waste", "list countries by GDP", "list countries by energy consumption" and sort the "champions". He is a very brave citizen and a real social role model in one of these countries and according to his country ranking in those lists he may be even braver and better example!

Buying Death - nooo, nooo way this could be the casual brave citizen! How could he be such one?

- Recently bought a CD, DVD or just a toy of Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson after their death? Just to remember them? How touching! But to your disappointment, the dear consumer disappointment, in reality you just bought death! How come?

Well lets start the story with some names you might have already forgotten. First interesting name might be Elvis Presley. I don't really care of his musical career, but he is a good example, because he was once the biggest music industry "front-man". After he became the "king of the rock" he could no longer steer the industry behind his "image". In fact, he couldn't control his own actions and as in the early 1977 the journalist Tony Scherman wrote: "Elvis Presley had become a grotesque caricature of his sleek, energetic former self. Hugely overweight, his mind dulled by the pharmacopoeia he daily ingested, he was barely able to pull himself through his abbreviated concerts.". So he influenced his "image" very very bad and it was time for his "image" to kill him. The industry can't stop like that. So he was killed, or say better that he was "self killed". Boom! The industry exploded. People crying! Buy figure of Elvis! Buy his hair! Buy his CD! ...! What a gold mine! People bought death and are still buying! Cool!

Nevertheless, I won't get into details, I think average intelligent man should get the point. Next one which come to my mind is Freddie Mercury, who had at least better songs than Elvis, or at least very honest. However the "show must go on"... And yeah the consumer bought his death too - top price!

Next thing that comes to my mind is the biggest saga in the rap world - Notorious B.I.G. vs. 2Pac. Their managers saw the great opportunity to "wag the dogs" and made record sales after splitting them and then made record sales after killing them! What a great move!

Aah and the recent ones I've mentioned - Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Both of them were almost same shit. In my opinion they have no good songs besides "they don't care about us" (actually this ends the list of good songs :D), but I won't talk about them in musical aspect. I'll mention their life aspect - both bankrupt, mentally ill, alcoholic, drug addicted and actually the worst thing - they couldn't do the business anymore! The first flaws were "normal" for "art people", but if you don't spit albums for the industry, as you did once - well you gotta be sold as a deadman! And both murders brought record sales!

Well, I won't get into details anymore here, just took the musical industry as a famous example to show that the casual brave citizen bought a lot of death and clothed it with touching words like "Michael, we'll always remember you!", "Whitney, you are in in our hearts!". This happens in all other fields. Remember Dennis Ritchie and Steve Jobs?! "Who the fuck is Dennis Ritchie?", you might ask, but I would rather ask that for Steve Jobs :)

Shareholding Slavery?! In 21st century?!

- Well slaves are nowadays good business and everyone takes his share! Did you like to go shopping?! Well that's your share! Have you ever asked yourself where the clothes come from, where your coffee and chocolate comes from, where the rest of your food comes from, or even where your computer came from?! Well guess what - it is produced by slaves! People born to be slaves and raised as a slaves and treated as such. And you have your shares in this Slavery Shareholding! Buy more - get a bigger share! Tell your friends to buy more, share your pictures shopping, upgrade your status that you are shopping and it is "fun" and now you are the free agent promoting Slavery Shareholding - congratulations!

I think the degree of explanation es enough here as well, however you might check the dozens of documentaries made by investigating reporters, or read their books, or see their photos, or just speak with the people from those countries, if you don't came from the "third world", to know more.

Satisfaction Slaughtering - what a combination!

- Here I won't write about the direct slaughtering like the dolphin or whale massacres in Denmark or Japan, nor about the other aspects shown in movies like Earthlings. I'll put a few words about the other indirect Satisfaction Slaughtering. Namely, are you overweight?! Well if so, besides having a bigger share in the Slavery as discussed above, you are an active satisfaction slaughter! You like to eat to get some more satisfaction?! Eat some chocolates for a great taste and don't mind that the chocolates are produced by slaves and indirect or actually "in fact" you drink their blood - so drink more yeah! Eat 10 steaks every day - it's good for the slaughtering business - you support the economy, it's up to you, so eat more! Don't think about every supplemental kilogram as an Satisfaction Slaughtering - think only about the satisfaction and stay blind and satisfied! Make more mass - be more satisfied!

Won't write further as well. I know people are very aggressive when you talk about their weight. At least in my blog I let myself to write something :)

Earth-Squeezing too?!

- Yes! Squeeze for oil, squeeze for woods, squeeze for water, squeeze for gas, just squeeze! It's all for us! Why the earth is so poor?! Invade other planets and squeeze them as well!

Conclusion Questions:

How long will this continue?

How far it will go?

Would you like a bigger or rather a smaller share?

Can you keep closing your eyes for what's happening?

Technology won't kill us - we will rather kill ourself using it!

Pretty hard start for this article after nice welcome topic, but in my eyes it just seems so. I've read and watched a lot of articles and videos that are representing some facts mixed with personal opinion by different experts in fields like:

This above represents only small list of casual source links, but I have no intention to make full list, only to show some of those. Another reason mention them is their style of mixed facts and personal opinion, or even some sort of confession. So following that matter I would like to step on the active side with this article after being a long time on the passive side with only reading / watching "my" field.

This article here will start with general observations and conclusions that I made about technology. It will become more concrete with examples and reasoning in smaller field of mind control and its subfield of human implants. Think ahead that I am not intending to mark what I've written as only truth. In fact, I can consider myself as being much more radical compared to this calm writing style, that you'll see. Also try to see whether the written stuff is true, or take what you consider for truth. I'll be happy at most, if you go further with own investigations!

Overall Development Stages and Reasons

In general, technology development can be put into following stages in time:

1. Some technology is done for some military purpose. Think of military as representing the strongest people in our world in terms of capital and power (some use words like "Illuminati" or "masons" as well). (if you think that militaries represent nations, you are too silly to read this article further and I really don't know why you are still reading)

2. After a while the military takes decision to make some money of it or by it's patents using associated firms and establishing some monopoly in the market by doing so. This is done of course to increase the capital and power of the "almighty" mentioned above. Also the technology has already been studied in advance, tested and maybe partially applied

3. After another period of time, which is shorter then the first one, leading science institutes start to develop this technology. Note that the technology is more like a concept or a demo version, where its fully developed state remains secret of course. Also note that this also done to increase the capital and power of the "almighty", but just not that directly. In this stage the military takes all eventually new developed ideas by the industry too, just like a professor teaches his students something, but looks for potential that students may develop

4. Shortly after leading institutes gave their contribution, leading industry ends the developing process and gives it a go. This of course is also controlled by the "almighty" and increases its capital and power. At this time the military is so sophisticated in the subject, which is also widely accepted, that it becomes "official"

5. When the technology is already clear and is being produced, third party industry like the current one based in Asia, gives it a go, ignoring almost all of the patents and dumping the business of the leading industry with cheap market, forcing it to switch to another product or producing their products there. Besides increasing the the capital and power of the "almighty" you can "enjoy" this brutal influence that the "almighty" possesses. At this stage for the military this technology is already "old" and it's thrown away with possible application just like old produced bombs are thrown in "regular" wars like those in Afghanistan and Iraq

Note that the occurrence of these events in time is not always as written. Sometimes by accident or by personal interest some science worker somehow finds new technology. Lets say he works for a leading industry. By doing so, the processes start at point 3. Nevertheless, the military catches up immediately (in worst case if they don't have this technology already hidden). Even further, the army using affiliates in face of private firms takes all follow up patents and regulates the further development and spreading in legal terms using government connections (besides taking the big steak).

All this stage development "theory" or whatever may not be that accurate at overall, but in certain level it is. I don't aim to expose or talk about different levels, more aspects or to study the roots of those stages, as I think that this article in this form should act like a bridge between those who have no idea what's going on and those who are familiar with this subject. So I am aiming any reader and going deeply in this subject and making things more abstract or concrete would leave a lot of readers behind.

I will start with some examples and personal thoughts on modern science, then I'll get more concrete with one of its children - Technology. Indeed, the categories I use may seem not that exact and "overall accepted", so I might loose some "sophisticated" and highly frame minded reader, but I don't care about him. Then we'll continue our journey down to the pipe and will talk shortly about Mind Control Technology and will finish with one of its main subcategories - Human Implants. So I'll travel from abstract to concrete with stuff that I am familiar and will hope to bring some light and don't be surprised, that this light won't expose "state-of-art" technology usage, as one that is responsible for "saving our lives" (which is most advertised as well).

Modern Science as Root

First stop today is the Modern Science. It literally illustrates the development stages described above, considering that everything is firstly developed to kill and then to make some money. Here I'll note that things have shifted a little bit, because earlier scientists were more interested in making money first, although I must say that engineers gave all they could to develop all kind of torture machines in middle ages. I guess the shifting I've just mentioned was done at the time of the gunpowder invention.

In our time modern science leaders are praised like gods. Every one quotes them, every one reads their books, every one watches movies about them, every one tries impersonate them, or shortly said - every one buys them. I'll spare talking about those scientists a lot, but will give maybe two popular examples - Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Einstein carrying pacifist wings is widely regarded as one of the biggest modern era scientists, despite developing the nuclear bomb. What a strange society is the one praising him?! A man leaving his wife, that helped him to prove his theories, and his own children to marry his cousin?! I'll abstract from his pervert private life and will concentrate in showing the facts - "What are the hidden objectives of modern science?". Real scientists seeking for the bright side of the science are not only forgotten - they were never known. And yeah, Einstein said, if he knew that his work would be used for military purpose he would never done it! Are you kidding me? The same man that signed the letter to President Roosevelt advocating that the atomic bomb should be built?! Same one who called that "one mistake in my life"? "The Scientific Hero" (click)? What an idiot! Very strange he had been that surprised, considering he was leading scientist for the US army... I'll make small parallel with other leading scientist and his colleague Wernher von Braun, leading figure of rocket development, who might say "well I didn't knew that the rockets would be launched!" (Braun is interesting case too and got best employers in modern science criteria - Nazi Germany and then Capitalist USA). I'll like to emphasize the number of nuclear warheads here for every reader, who still has some doubts: Approximately 5,113 active and inactive in USA, 1566 Russia, China + France + UK > 500... All of this officially! So imagine all of them thrown?! Imagine their costs too! Imagine who paid that costs! Imagine how many people worked to do them! "Peace, Love, Unity" - good ad, that reminds me one of my favorite quotes "bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity"! Well said! Should I remind you the development stages?! First stage atom bombs. Second stage do some money with power plants. Now on third stage with some new wanna bees and situation messed up...

Stephen Hawking is my living example in this article. A typical image of the science. Claiming everything and establishing "solid basis" for all kinds of things and then couple of months later proven wrong by himself and establishing new theories and bullshits! Of course, being sure that the latest one are the real deal! Very typical disease for every scientist - although claiming there is no god, he tries to catch the balls of god with his silly theories :) Nevertheless, best seller as well! Reminds me also the other ironic blockbuster with never ending sales called "God Particle Found!"

Technology Overall

Despite talking about technology already, I'll make short stop here as well in order to introduce easier the next chapter. I'll give some examples of technology and you can fit them by yourself into the development stages. I won't get into any details about these examples, as you can read by yourself about them. So thing about every technology that you are in touch! Your computer was discovered for military purpose, the internet you are using as well, as the cell phones have their roots in military technology... A second branch of the technology is the one based on laziness or that is making you lazy together with making you more productive to feed the system. Like car technology (yes you are too lazy to go to work everyday and also you need something to go shopping!), like electricity and all electric machines that spare this and that, but actually turning you into their slave.

I won't say that these inventions are not useful at all, I'll just emphasize that their current usage is the exact opposite of the advertised one! Even the best advertised products exploiting your natural human feelings like car security products. The new user interfaces in cars are not developed to make car driving more secure as advertised - they are developed to be used and to be sold and their funding came from the industry that wants you to keep consume in your car! Why would you wish to be quiet in your car?! Write tweets, sms, post in your facebook! Indeed, this is firstly illegal to do while driving, so do it with new speech recognition systems! And don't forget to listen to radio, to browse in internet using new interfaces that reduce the risk to do so, because as a consumer you are very precious! Time ago, as I had to do some "research" in that area I always thought how silly is all that! And I am still thinking that all of this is useful, but just not used that way! Anyway, we will talk about this hidden side of the coin in the next chapter!

Mind Control Technology

You can think of Human Mind Control as a way to control humans using their mind. Also to clarify the specification I'll think of a physical control as mind control when it induces such, and I'll note Emotion Control as a Mind Control too. As an example to last sentence I'll take a guard that beats multiple slaves with lash and by doing this Physical Control he implants thoughts that they are weaker than him, although being majority, thus this false beliefs will be considered as a Mind Control, and the exploited fear that is form of Emotional Control will be also considered as a Mind Control.

This reminds me, that it is important to mention one of the major mind control roots that implants the false belief in the human head to think that it is not controlled and rather self inducted or self provoked or "being itself". Like "I am not mind controlled - no way!", or even the silly or ironic thought "I am free minded person!".

Brief History

Mind Control always existed and you can consider all of our actions like attempt for Mind Control. You dress good when you go to work to make up peoples minds about yourself, you say different things in order to set some thoughts to people you talk with, you do certain actions with dame purpose. Whether you realize it or not, or no matter how do you categorize it, I'll take this into the mind control account. In recent times there are also some studies that try to systematize in terms of modern science all of this and they are called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You can even take this article as an attempt to put some thoughts in your mind about Mind Control and some thoughts that you are Mind Controlled :)

Nevertheless, this happened with thousand of years, but I'll talk here about Technology Mind Control. I'll take here as a start for technology mind control the time of early 20th century. Most precise the time of 1928 where the milestone book called "Propaganda" written by Edward Bernays came out. There he gave some earlier examples and wrote "great" book, which you might call "demonic". This book itself is great example of techniques that Bernays successfully used and about huge potential that was immediately developed. At that time mass media in form of television, radio and newspapers were more like innocent. So we cannot call mass media a knife used for cooking - we can call it just a new found knife that humanity is about to learn how to use. And of course the potential of that knife was fastly observed as a great killing potential and the mass media turned into a leading technology mass mind control weapon that history might know.

In the next roughly 50 years these pioneered methods were well studied and became really advanced. Billions of dollars were gave to enslave the people in their minds within a delicate and even self accepted way. Propaganda intruded everywhere - from war propaganda to water fluoridation. Just think about how deeply had the people became narrow minded, when Star Wars came out. What a huge milestone was this remix (click) of existing movies and books? And a multi billion industry as well! It saved numerous of other industries like comic book industry, toy making industry, film fantasy industry and many more. It opened the gates for a full package - movie + toys + music + books with introducing the continuation principle too. Things get that far that it has became even a official religion of course "jedi church", that has millions of followers and even in countries like England, the jedi followers are surpassing Sikhism, Judaism, and Buddhism! What an "excellent" mind control example! Just imagine the hundreds of others!

Mind Control Today

Aspects of mind control today have no limits. In any different interpretation of those words. In time interpretation mind control starts even before a baby is born and years later buries those baby, covering all stages in its life. In aspect interpretation it is just everywhere in every field and every mind controlled also functions like a ambassador to the people he has nearby. All of this backed up by solid technologies like modern computers with "real life engines" or "virtual reality", mobile telephones, consoles, 3d television, the good old radio and newspapers.

Besides those traditional Mind Control Technologies for masses there are dozens of Modern Technologies using Electromagnetic Waves like HAARP (click) or Microwave Weapons (click for Interview) like the most popular one called Active Denial System (click wiki). Doing damage to someone using microwaves is not that simple as stabbing him with something like knife, which would be much easier, but has a problem that he might have trained self defense and just kick your ass badly. In contrast to that a reaction against microwave weapons is pretty much impossible. Other very big concern here is that killing is actually just a worst case scenario, while the desired one is enslaving. Even the biggest fishes found themselves vulnerable like in the case with the irradiation of the American Embassy in Moscow by the government of the Soviet Union with an electromagnetic signals about 30 years ago (click 1, click 2, click 3, click 4). Also to mention here is that such "cold wars" are great source of hidden, for that time, weapons, because the opposite parties are accusing each other for diverse stuff, forgetting that they'll get caught with underwear as well. Later on the US army developed dozens of official weapons of that type and officially listed in  108 paged Non-Lethal Weapons Reference Book 2011 (click).

Of course, there are also developments for personalized mind control. A notable milestone there was maybe achieved in 2005 with the Remote Controlled Humans articles (click). Another recent advancement are the Wireless Neural Routers (click).

All of this adding to modern Mind Control Technologies a new aspect of human slavery - a technology servant, and not the opposite at all!

To end this chapter, note that the development stages here are also valid, where the term Mind Control Technology is too abstract and it takes a little while to recognize the development stages, as they are intermixed with their children, becoming roots by themselves. What a gold mine?! One of those children becoming roots are the Implants and I'll just write about them in the following chapter.


To start here lets see the overall stage evolution example with the Implants:

1. Lets take the time after the first computer for a legit time for the start of human implants. Lets say those developments started around the second world war and after some time of gathering first sights of this field, the active human implant research started. For military purpose, of course. Lets say there was checking period for about 10 years from 1940 till 1950 and since 1950 we can mark an active period. Of course this is more like a speculation by my side, product mostly of articles I read here and there, without any chance to prove their legit by any way besides my experience and intuition. Interesting article talking about this first stage and the next second stage could be found in (click).

2. The second stage is marked already with dozens of patents that were accepted after the 90s. I'll revisit this part with some examples, but will leave it like that now and up to you to check them out. Some of them are mentioned by Rixon Stewart (click).

3. Besides traditional and low computational chips like RFID chips, leading institutes in advanced technology countries started developing implants with high computational power intensively after 2000. Some of them are really concerned about health care, but don't worry - they are not concerned about your health. They care about the health of the people with money (a lot of money) ;)

Like we are doing robotic arm now in some big fat project. And yes, it's useful, I mean if you cut your arm, a second arm won't just grow on the place of the missing one! But don't worry, it's too expensive for you to get one of these when they get ready! And there are a lot of other open issues to talk about, which reminds me of the time I read an article about mechanic arm developed by DARPA. I took a look at this article, as we were doing the same and I send it to my boss too, so that he can see what are the rivals doing. It was an 8 digit US dollars project.

At that time I was 100% percent sure that DARPA was going to use the results for mind scanning for all types of pervert objectives like reading your mind or letting soldiers steer some mechanic weapons and the objectives were not not the poor soldiers who lost their arms in battle! Unfortunately I was proved to be correct:

DARPA Seeking to Revolutionize Robotic Manipulation:

Building a Super Robust Robot Hand:

DARPA Wants to Give Soldiers Robot Surrogates, Avatar Style:

Neuroscience could mean soldiers controlling weapons with minds :

'Thought-controlled' weapons could become a reality in the near future :

All of these projects are covered very well with tear-dropping news like the project BrainGate that enables movement controlled by mind (click for project site, or click to see the lucky one: "among the first humans to have her brain wired to a computer"). How tenderly!? This is just an example how such projects making up the general public mind using well known propaganda techniques by exploiting the human emotions and established dogmas. Nevertheless, couple of years later there is already a growing awareness of exact these issues together with the abstract mind control terminology made even by the mass media:

Forscher warnen vor Waffen mit Gedankensteuerung :

Scientists Warn of Ethical Battle Concerning Military Mind Control :

All of those are mix of technologies that go beyond implant technology, so lets go back to our current sub-subject:

4.In the last few years only simple implants found their way to be implanted so the mass industry mainly concentrated on RFID chips. Although not that simple, compared to what's coming they can be called simple indeed. This left the big cake for advanced chip developments to the leading industry.

5. Right now every one smelled the potential and every one wants to jump on board. As we are on the verge of this fifth stage I'll like to say a few words now.

Today with having officially results about transistors with a size of single atom you might let your imagination work out what is possible to be done... And this is of course very expensive and don't think that someone is gonna build it for you to make you feel better ;)

In the last couple of years there is also a growing awareness of the problem with mind control implants and mind control technology overall. People start asking questions and start writing an articles (like this one). All of this kind of happening is a typical mark for this fifth stage, where involved people get concerned of what's happening. The only missing thing are actually the real actions that might actually never follow, considering that it's already late. Anyway, I'll consider this as a positive effect if not in global scale, at least for the people that started to "wake up". Before a time, the only articles written in this subject were couple of lunatic articles in crazy conspiracy portals. Why I am calling them like that? Well, almost all of these articles were based on rumors and a pure information was used as a base for some lunatic theories that the authors had in their heads. The authors of those articles had obviously no clue about what they were writing, so spitting some crazy article unfortunately prevented its perception by the public. So although it seems that these articles helped in some way of opening questions about this important subject, it actually worked the other way round for years. Namely, discrediting everything that has to deal with mind control technologies and discrediting any real authorities in this subject.

While the dogs are wagging, there is another quiet aspect of current implants application - the smart efforts of making them look like a must have items and making the public think of them like a normal thing. First you have multiple "stars" that show you a great "benefits" of having implants. "Stars" like a mass media well known brutal alcoholics and drug abusers and "benefits" in terms of buy fast, buy more, buy easy. Silently behind this tracking implants are mounted as usual firstly to prisoners for whatever "positive" reasons (click). Then you have soldiers being implanted for "positive" reasons as well (click). Guess who follows?

That's right!

  • in your brain (click wiki)
  • in your blood (click)
  • in your arms
  • in your organs
  • ...

Keep it cool, they say!


Like you might have noticed, this article described more of an abstract look of things with some examples. I intended to make overall development processes more visible and to wake some people up. Just being overwhelmed by the people around being framed that much. Watching kids in the bus playing mediocre games on their phones, while chatting about mediocre stuff and listening mediocre music. Looking at those kids that have no "real" childhood, just dozens of virtual ones to complete the schizophrenia. Sad to watch how late have scientists "found" a psychiatric disorder for those who feel panic in absence of their phones (Nomophobia) or "seeking" for an answer why computer games more addictive than heroin (click). Think about that heroin and cocaine were also legal time ago and they are now "semi legal", just condemned. And all this being "regulated" in terms of how to balance maximal income with still keeping the crowd alive to be able to consume at maximum. So don't wonder when seeing people on the streets literally being framed and brainwashed under the bones by the propaganda.

In our daily life there are so many other examples of technology misuse that it is actually hard to find examples of proper use and actually impossible to find examples of absolutely "clean" use. Striking backwards, that would mean a real attempt to misuse your life as such. Very successful, indeed. Feels sometimes like being a victim and exceptions are nowhere to be found, even writing article like this won't save you ;) The last was ironic smile.


At the end I would share some other words to the readers of this article, that reached here. Like the readers of boxing news are boxers themselves and boxing related people, like my climbing blog readers are mostly climbers too, it is pretty natural, that although unintended the most readers of this article are involved themselves in mind control. So you dear psycho pats, ask yourself a question:

"What am I doing?!"

And why psycho pats?! Well, someone who is manipulating other people in order to fulfill personal interests or to satisfy his complexes is psycho pat. Attempts to enslave people is psychiatric disease. Implanting people against their "free will" for whatever reason besides improving their health is sadistic behavior. Playing with the peoples emotions is another psychiatric disease, although I don't know how is it called and I don't actually care about the name. In my eyes these psycho pats are the most dangerous group of psycho pats, because they are affecting large masses of people, while the "normal" psycho pats have at most only several victims. Strangely, those psycho pats are not recognized as such, even more - they are well respected members of the society and the biggest psycho pats are even "leading scientists"!

The minority of the rest readers can be separated also in two groups: a bigger group of those who didn't found anything new, besides some information, in that article and a smaller group that even after successful reading they believed to some extent what they read, they'll never really realize how real this is, until they don't open their lives a bit.

I don't think that the three groups will change at all, but indeed, I hope for at least a little change. That's why I wrote this all. And I am aware that articles like this bring "attention" by any means. And I am aware that those "means" are not that enjoyable, but thinking of that it just brings my determination to my own focus. It reminds me also to the case of Martin Niemöller and his words:

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

And although, I might not share the same words I share at 100% the meaning he packed in these words.

A further traps that catches people of writing and standing their ground besides the fear is one of the other biggest illusions like "This, what is happening to those people, won't happen to me too". But the painful truth is that it not only going to happen to you as well - it happened already long time ago and is still happening, no matter of "your" illusions...

Some of you might find it strange, but in the whole article I've never mentioned about any kind of way to protect yourself from all enumerated types of technological mind control. Well, in general there is actually no way to do this while living the way we all live. A real, or at least best possible, protection would be to run out in some cave and leave everything behind, including all your thoughts, feelings, character, emotions, clothes... But there is a way to reduce the negative effect of this technology mind control and on first step is realizing it. The next steps will follow with your commitment, just like Voltaire said:

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be"

Open Questions

  • Thinking of implants, what will happen if your implant got hacked?! The typical symptom for the last stage is that some people got concerned (click), despite being too late...  Even NASA gets terribly hacked every couple of weeks, so don't even dare to think that implants are secure. To make you uncomfortable I would append from my personal experience that the implants have much more leaks than every other technological component!
  • This opens the next question: What about bugs?! What will happen if things go wrong?
  • Although I've mentioned the "almighty", I've actually never blamed them for the situation. And there is a reason for that: I consider them as the first that got that leadership disease and it's hard to put those ill people in the front and ignoring the share of the masses, who actually praise them and follow them. So the open question here is: "Are the few "masters" responsible that they are being followed by large scale of "slaves"?"

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Thankful Notes

Huge thanks to all known and unknown friends that helped me to correct this article in all aspects!

I am very thankful for the positive feedback as well as for the negative one. The small difference is that I can just take the positive as it is and to take the negative I just "convert" it into positive. So thanks for the feedback :)

I'll update this article from time to time with having some plans to expand some sections on demand with writing some text or even separate articles, besides adding new links. So you can check from time to time, to see whether I've added something new.

Don't ask for eye friendly article in terms of embedded multimedia or pictures. I understand that in our multimedia high-dozed society, everything below HD or 3D isn't regarded as "real", but anyway, this article will remain as pure text with some links for some sources and information :)

Interesting series of short narrations:




The Story

Well it's been over a time I've been asked by different friends what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and similar questions. In general a questions about the mystical word "diet". I prefer more the term "feeding culture" (in german "ernährungskultur"). Also, the name of the article looks like arbitrary thrown words, but is it really like that? Are these term somehow related?! I like more the style of telling story so I'll do that again.

First you go to the shop to buy some food!

Everything there is categorized so there are no mixed food standing on same place. So this is very good because you are about to forget about the snacks category! This just doesn't exists anymore for you if you want to be in physical condition. (to be honest I don't like even the taste, I like real grill steaks so much more than stupid potato chips with steak flavor of course). Yeah skip the instant food too ;-) I know it's easy to make instant food and if you are lazy you'll like it, but here comes the surprise - lazy people have bad physical condition! So prepare your food like someday you are supposed to train yourself! (I like to cook, even have a degree for a cook ;-p)

Ok, assume you skipped the snack shits and also the instant vomited foods and you are now in front of the fridge area. There you already see mixed stuff but in some small scale - cheap vs. expensive food! First of all don't read the labels. They are all the same - "number one manufacturer", "oldest in the country", "best flavor"... However the labels are important! The more the labels hide the actual product, the more you are about to skip buying this product, like meat or cheese or whatever. So transparency is important criteria!

So let us think you've found a nice transparent product and you are about to meet the decision - should I buy?! What to look? At this stage you usually look at the price as biggest criteria! So far for the "feeding culture" yeah... In other words - where's the profit! Let us assume you are right, but what you gonna do with the more money you have from the buying - you'll buy some cakes and snacks?! Superb! Or cheap alcohol - even worse! So even if you were right about your so precious money, you screwed yourself up. There was a nice title of some movie I watched year ago "WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price" and I'll like to take the second part as real truth. What is the high cost of this low price and how do you pay for it by profiting with some cents, what is the damage to your body?! I'll hit once again by saying that you actually profit nothing and even more - your body is screwed. This doesn't means that you shouldn't take into consideration the last sentences! Now I'll put some argumentation for both statements - "no profit" and "screwed".

Let us first consider these two images of different meat products:

cheap shit nice one

Some shit wurst and the real deal (click to enlarge)

Now put in practice what we've just read about shopping!

1. The shit one is hided really good. Even when parts are shown, they are however wrapped, so you cannot really look inside. You can of course enjoy the nice titles like "oldest in the country" or "Delicatess"... On the other side we can see a transparent product where shit talking is spared.

2. Despite the first impression that I usually make, you will usually look at the most important thing for you - Price / Weight factor. So let me look at that as well.

In the first case we have 500 gram for 2,19 euro, which makes 1 kilogram for 4,38 euro. Your calculation shows 100 gram for 0,438 euro - great! Lets buy!

However, I count something else for important. I firstly look at the protein contained in 100 gram. In the first case we have 12 gram per 100 gram and in the second case 35 per 100. This means we should eat 300 gram of the cheap shit to eat so much protein like in the second, where we eat just 100 gram. The price for this 300 gram is 1,314 euro. In fact it differs only by 38 cents, or 22% of the price. Ok, now lets look at the calories - in the first case we have 295 per 100 and in the second 200 per 100. So as we said, we must eat 300 gram of the cheap shit to equalize the protein levels of the second one. This means we must 885 calories to get some 35 gram of protein, where we need to take only 200 in the first one! You got my point?! What is cheaper now?!

You might ask yourself - who the fuck cares about protein and calories and shit?! Well in this case I don't really know why are you reading this article at all, or even why did you learned to read? Maybe to be able to check your emails for "15 kilograms in 1 week" spam?!

Anyway, I'll go even further by looking again the table given for the cheap shit. 1 gram fat equals 9,3 kcal, which gives 251,1 kcal for 27 gram. 1 gram protein equals 4,1 kcal, which means 49,2 for 12 gram. 1 gram carbohydrates equals also 4,1 kcal. So if we sum up (251,1 + 49,2 + 4,1) we are getting 304,4 kcal! It was written 295 kcal right?!

Also to keep in same tone we know that the pork meat is about 20 gram protein per 100 gram (don't we?!). So if we have 12 gram protein, this means 12 / 20 = 60% meat in the cheap shit! And "the oldest manufacturer" written it is 80% or something - WHAT A LIE!!! Another question is - what with the rest 40%?!

Even something you wouldn't find for a fact, but I know people that work in these factories and they told me really nice things going on, like old meat returned from the market, directly remixed and chopped - so there you go! Such a nice job can be done of course by the hands of "experienced" manufacturer, like the oldest one ;-)

So for those, who though that the movie called Earthlings is just a science fiction, I'll tell them, that it's not! And I would say that there is some difference in the treatment, that the "oldest manufacturer" has and some more respectful people. Or at least a little difference! Like once it was told to me - "sometimes we cannot choose between good and bad, sometimes we have two bad things and we have to choose the smaller one". Well I lost myself a bit and this actually was for point 3. or even 4.

5. Check out the expiration date too. The manufacturing date is skipped, of course... As an example, the expiration date for one can with fish is about 4-5 years, so if the can expires in 2-3 months, you can think about that the fish inside is at least 4-5 years old ;-)

We have some fundamentals now!

After making the initial consideration while buying something we already built some fundamentals of the diet. I mean my fundamentals - don't know about yours. And my fundamentals are based mainly on protein level. For example I weigh in at 69 and make it 70 for the easy calculations. So as a wild youth I'll need some 1.4 gram protein per kilogram weight. That means around 100 gram protein. Further knowledge is that not all the protein you eat is digested by you body the same way (e.g. you have some lost - for milk you take about 95%, while for nuts about 60%). So I should eat about 120 gram of protein to have my body in good regeneration. Well now I also know that I have to eat about 3600 kcal for the activities I do (check top picture). So I would have some coefficient of 3600 kcal / 120 g protein, or

30 kcal / 1 gram protein

So everything that I eat should somehow fit into this model. And it's super easy. Let us consider the nice product with 220 kcal and 35 protein. Well this is some extreme example, so lets consider normal meat with 20 gram protein and 200 calories. So you have coefficient of 10 / 1. So you take some bread with mayonnaise (yeah mayonnaise!) and have some coefficient there of 37 / 1. The weight will be about 3 : 1 (bread + mayonnaise : ham). So you'll get about 30 / 1 in the end. Got my point?! And you don't need to be that exact of course - this is just for the example. I never calculate stuff that much, just rounding all the time :)

What about some liquids?

Friend of mine reminded me to write couple of sentences for liquids as they are important too. Ok, lets start! Cola - forget it! Coca-cola - forget it forever!!! Forget Pepsi too!!! Forget everything that contains carbonic acid, just like you forgot the snacks! Cola is even worse because drinking 250 ml means you just ate 10 spoons of sugar! Normally this amount of sugar will make you vomit, but guess what - cola has the nice ingredients, which disables your natural body mechanism to vomit after taking so much sugar ;-) And also think about that coca-cola has no coke anymore, so you really don't need to torture your body for some cheap sugar and artificial flavor taste. Aah and to get back to carbonic acid - very bad for all organs between your mouth and your ass ;-)

About alcohol - you shouldn't drink! I know it's impossible so drink less ;-) And drink a lot of water while drinking! Drink a lot of water when drinking some diuretic liquids like coffee. Drink a lot of water anyway - it's good! Not joking at all.

Almost forgot! The 100% juices, that have one year expiration dates! I'll leave you here to think about if it is really possible for 100% fruit juice to hold on one year as it is ;-)

Popular diet myths

First of all I'll say some words about the cheese myth. It is said that cheese has 45% fat or whatever, so you shouldn't eat that! Well, well... It also has 25 - 35 grams protein per 100 gram. So hmm - not bad. The kcal levels are about 250 - 350. So you have coefficient of 10 kcal / 1 g protein. So think again!

One more line to drop here is about a very effective diet with high fat foods. You eat a lot of fatty foods like nuts and cheese. Then a little bit before the performance days, like boxing battle or climbing hard, you just cut off the fat immediately and you body starts eating with your own fat, and you can drop 2-3 kilos of fat and be really ripped! Example when I was boxing I was about 71 kilos and I got under 69 (welterweight) for my fights. And I am not the fat type. Now I am still kinda 69 kilos, but I think training with one kilogram more is a bit better, for better regeneration and also if you drop even 1 kilo it makes huge difference!

Second myth was something like - cakes are bad do not ever eat cakes! Oookayy, consider the cake we made with friends last time. Oh, yeah - a cheese cake!

cheese cake

I'll make some better picture next time!

So lets take a rough look at the ingredients there and check the myths:

(first ignore half gram vanilla and salt or whatever small stuff)

200 g butter - 1400 kcal / 0 g protein

6 eggs - 432 kcal / 39 g protein

200 g sugar - 900 kcal / 0 g protein

150 g flour - 500 kcal / 15 g protein

1000 g curd - 660 kcal / 120 g protein

Bottom-line: 3892 / 174 = 22.4 kcal / 1 g protein

Seems actually perfect :)

Next myth to bust is are the fruit jams. Well the myth says - do not eat them or you'll be cursed to be fat!!! Well the truth holds only for the stupid made jams. Consider the following two pictures and click them to see the actual kcal levels per 100 gram product.

cheap jam best jam

The one in the left is created from 63 g strawberries per 100 gram product and the other one from 100 g strawberries per 100 gram product, which makes overall percent of 50% fruit in the first one and 75% - 80% in the second

Aaah well, also keep in mind that the strawberries have more vitamin C than the oranges or even the lemons ;) (this is a footnote, but keep eating lemons and oranges as well!)

Small tips

It is dangerous to keep cold beer in your fridge, especially in the summer. Imagine yourself in a hot day opening the fridge and seeing sweaty beer...

Read what is glycemic index and eat foods with high GI before aerobic training (like boxing) and during power training (like bouldering). After training eat foods with low GI.

Read what is potential of hydrogen and take care to have it balanced (click).

That reminds me that when you cut some food you should always look at the big picture and you should look at that food as a whole (not only calories or vitamins levels). So beware of missing some "good" ingredients and compensate them when cutting some "bad" ones.

Eat less chocolate! I know you don't care about children slavery, but it will help you also with your weight plan!

In the same manner be at least a little bit respectful and think a little bit that carrying fat and eating more than you need makes you a swine! (not sorry about that word at all)

Never buy ready protein or creatine or whatever supplement shits. All you need is in the food! And it's no joke! Eating pure protein and pure creatine or whatever makes your body to be accustomed and later on your body stops extracting all these "features" from the natural food and then don't be surprised when after small boost effect in the beginning you'll find yourself completely broken in later stages! Like one sportsman once said, he needed a lot of money to buy all this shit and to win some particular events, but later in his life he needer much more money just to care about his health, than he "earned"... If you don't believe read some uncorrupted literature, watch some movies on that subject like Bigger Stronger Faster or ask your friends in later stages. If you still don't believe go for it, but try not to whine like a bitch later on!

Don't lie yourself while doing diet!

Think about the phrase, "sugar is the drug of the white people".

Think about the other phrase, "you are what you eat".

Don't laugh like an idiot to what other people from other cultures are eating - learn from them! Even beer drinking may be important (beer in the sauna after training has extremely boosting and regeneration effect for example). And in the same point just to mention - snacks and fast food are in no way part of some "culture" ;-)

Refectory is for the mediocre people! Prepare your own food as much as you can!

Read about the so called E number and in general know that any sugar substitute is even worse than sugar itself! Yep - "diet cola" or whatever is much worse than the normal one, that you should forget anyway. And "aspartame" is something that your eyes should see first if it's written on the label even if it's written on the back side with small characters!

Be inside the events. Do not only watch how the people are fighting or climbing or whatever. Watch behind the scenes. Watch everything! In the particular article, how and what they eat! It was kinda interesting for me to see in the last boxing event, what the champions eat and do and what the loosers eat and do. There was a quite difference. Besides that, do you think that the fact that every performance athlete has own nutritionists is an accident or just for the good image? You heard, that Michael Phelps eats lasagna, but do you think it is the same instant shit you buy from the supermarket? Recently, Anderson Silva being sponsored by Burger King, but can you really imagine him eating there?! Can you imagine the US Golden Gloves boxing team jumping in to McDonalds for a "big meal" before the Olympics, excluding maybe Gary Russell collapsing before the weigh in ;-)

mcdonalds kid

Well this is not Michael Phelps at young age...


In the same sense you can not only watch the people - you can watch the garbage on the streets. Or even better - watch the garbage in the park! I bet you won't find there any of the better products packings. You'll rather see some cheap wurst packings with some cheap beer bottles around. Some snacks and fast food packings fly around too - just to make things "beautiful". Of course I assume that throwing waste is something bad for you. So implicating that the waste on the streets is thrown by someone (in my humble opinion by some idiot). So just look around what the idiots are leaving behind, see their shit on the streets and think about that shit, whether you should "consume" that shit as well. You may even become so sick watching this, that you may want to throw their shit leftover in the waste, but don't worry - this is a good "sickness"!

I know you've watched enough fancy commercials. Now watch at least Super Size Me, Bigger Stronger Faster, The Future Of Food, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Food Inc., and some more if you like...

Next time when you ask google for "diet", ask google to exclude words like "buy", "purchase", "shopping cart", "offer", "pills", ... In general, exclude all words related to the "diet industry" and read some articles about real diet.

Ready to start

Okay, these are some tips and I may update this article, as I certainly forgot a lot of stuff to write, but I think most of the important points of my food culture are mentioned!


I wrote an article with a simply diet samples called A Simple Dinner! (click)