I guess many of you, just like me, want to export decently their scorecards to some decent format in order to have them as a backup or to put them into their own website. Further features of exporting include analyzing data by yourself or migrating to other platform like 27crags or sendage due to the bigger set of features they provide. The other way round (27crags -> 8a.nu) should be done by brute force since there are no import functionality and guidelines provided by 8a.nu.

Nevertheless, I won't post about migrating and choosing platform and moreover will go for an easier solution than the "concurrent" guides. I'll assume you have Microsoft Excel or similar program (considering all of those kind of programs are pretty much the same for linux and apple, or you can download some trial for office or use open office). For the later importing I'll use simply the joomla editor, but you can use whatever you want, since it's your own site.

So for beginning I'll mention some popular ways.

  • 27crags importing guidelines that I've mentioned. Well those guidelines are very specific to that domain (click)
  • brute force copy/paste. I was personally satisfied for a long time by doing that ;)

Now it's time to show my export way:

  1. Go to your scorecard and select your ascents
  2. Drag them to Excel
  3. As you might see they are pretty malformed, but we will fix that in couple of moves:
  • For the strange characters in the route names use the remove function of excel (or similar according to the platform you use)- http://office.microsoft.com/en-001/excel-help/remove-characters-from-text-HP003056120.aspx
  • The imported data will have some links, but you can select the column and click "remove links", then add links for the route according to a blog article on your site. Or create separate column for your blog article links, since navigating to the big score database to compare is also cool.
  • You can format the spreadsheet however you like, so I won't provide much more details here, just a small screenshot of my end format:


After exporting and editing the scorecard to the desired form, now it's time to import it to the website or blog:

  • Copy / Paste is maybe the simplest way if both of your platform back ends support that :)
  • Otherwise you have to save your stuff to html and then put it in your website source code. This might require fixing migration bugs like missing links and stuff.

Having done the most important operations with your scorecard, you can do some other cool stuff like:

  • Creating a decent and detailed progress chart. You can create also a different chart to emphasize your most active months.
  • Add further columns besides the provided. I always wanted to add column for the beta I've used to climb the boulder or the route. Many people add betas to the description, but this may ruin the fun for those who wanna search the solution themselves. So I would rather divide the description or the comment section into personal comment and beta sections.




I had pretty much no time and interest of doing too much things with my scorecard besides adding the boulder part in my "Climbed!!!" (click) (just copy pasted it to the joomla editor and than using the html editor removed some insignificant references) :)



UPDATE: I've recently developed a Windows Phone app, where you can create your own Climbing Scorecard! Please visit http://svilen.info/climbingscorecard/

You can use this article to help you import your 8a.nu climbs into your personal phone scorecard.