I started bouldering in 26th January 2007. I know the exact date since I subscribed immediately for one year in the boulder gym in St. Ingbert :) Since then, I discovered Kirkel, Pfalz, Alsace, Fontainebleau and Frankenjura! Many climbing gyms also rose since then... So I dedicated myself to become better!

Being fascinated in doing moves, that seemed impossible for me, I started doing bouldering more than climbing :) Also the atmosphere during bouldering is much more intense and tight, so if I started climbing, I would probably never liked it... However, I must say that there are some great routes around the globe, that I would love to climb and that it is esthetically valuable. Other pure forms of climbing include Psicobloc, which I recently tried and was one of the most pure experiences in my life!

Muehlenberg Red Zack bouldering

("Red Zack" 6C, M├╝hlenberg / Pfalz, photo Nico)