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While shopping today some little stuff I encountered an excellent quote on a hand trainer by black diamond, apparently done by some stoners using their copy of some english book! How great is that?! Nevertheless:

"As bouldering culture spreads and takes root globally, creativity is exploding. As more people breathe in bouldering’s eclectic blend of tribalism and sweet, pure intensity, the focus of our collective energies results in a truly new ascending philosophy: new places to go, new ways to train physically and mentally, and new ways of attempting to crack the age-old bottom-to-top code. Our language is universal and it’s not about words, it’s about movements going into motion. After all, you gotta free your mind if you want to do the problem. It really is as simple as that."

Video still of me doing Ramazzotti in Pfalz / Wartenberg - today banned area!

This great quote just reminded me of the best bouldering times I had and the struggles to do some hard stuff and the relief after, the beautiful and the nasty boulders, all the good and bad times, cold and hot times, good and bad weather, best and worst friction, all the psyche and frustration, all the pain and joy, the hangover and the muscle soreness, all the friends and strangers, the never-ending indoor and outdoor sessions, the time lost and found, the broken walls and the opened horizons, ... :-)

So Merry Christmas and have an awesome New Year and let the season officially begin!