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In my new and awesome job at The Captury (click) we did realtime markerless motion capture at the boxing class of Uni-Saarland:

Such motion recognition systems are used in Virtual Reality film industry to embody avatars in animations or replace stunt actor with the actual one.

In the context of augmented reality, one can use 3D models to add various effects to punches like explosions when hits land.

For a fights broadcaster this technology enables to precisely keep track of statistics like punches landed with their respective power and area of landing, covering all further judging aspects like ring generalship, effective defense and aggressiveness.

A combat sports trainer can profit from such technology even more by measuring his pupil punch speed, accuracy and cleanness improvements through a training camp cycle.

Furthermore one can analyse the activity levels during sparring, including important physiological factors like energy consumed, or levels of ab absorbed damage.

You can checkout also the "making of" timelapse displaying the full system setup, training and decomposition. Every second of this video equals one minute in live, meaning that we built and removed the system in roughly 30 minutes including the supplement promo video shooting stuff:

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