Boxing is the art, where mistakes are punished by the old school fashion :) Best way to be aware of your mistakes!

Friend of mine, told me, boxing is only for highly intelligent people! Another friend of mine told me there are a lot of very primitive people in boxing! So I'll do the connection and will say that "boxing is only for highly intelligent people, but it's sad that there are a lot of very primitive people in it". I would append to that, how unfortunate is the fact, that these idiots are doing it, in order to feed their complexes, aggression, ego or whatever and by doing that disgusting the intelligent people from this real art.

Personally I started boxing for fun, also to eliminate the side effects of climbing (monkey body). My neighbors we doing boxing at the university, so I decided to give it a go too. I never though I would do sparring or even go to the ring. Time proved me wrong, so I go out to the ring sometimes ;-)

Me and my friend and trainer Eduard after Saarland Amateur Boxing Championships 2012