Kykep x Dr. Downs x Synaptix - Psypark [182-206-218 bpm Free Download + Video]

23 years ago, Matt Stone and Trey Parker changed the world with the first episode ever of South Park. Exploding with huge talent grown out of hardcore work efforts they brought up the boldest cartoon that aired on TV ever. What happened back then in 1997 changed the world forever and the possibility to manifest deeper ideas through sloppy media initially flourished through the televisions and evolved into the multibillion dollar cartoon stream industry we know today. It’s impossible to summarize even a fraction of what South Park caused, yet its deepness is unquestioned, its resilience - unprecedented, its storyline - crazy, its graphics - "biggest crap ever made”! Now, we all heard South Park samples here and there in hitech/psytrance, but what about an ULTIMATE SOUTH PARK TRACK?! Here it is - a 13:12 minute ACAB rollercoaster bitch spanning over 666 bars, with over 200 synths on fire, samples from all 23 seasons that races through 160, 182, 206, 218 and 260 bpm!