During the recent COVID-19 pandemic a group of ignorant hypocrites went to Tribal Gathering festival. According to its official website "Tribal Gathering is more than a festival, it is a place for the world to come together, where time is transcended and the ancient and modern converge in harmony." Thankfully Vice was there to cover, so that I could summarize the happenings in an appropriate audio-visual report called School of Life:

So yeah this was my message and it might seem pretty harsh, but lets be honest and think about it as a festival goer. You go to strain a foreign country ignoring a virus pandemic in a pretended "Peace Love Unity Respect" branding funded by money that you took from mommy and daddy only to show your true self when things go slightly out of your imbecile mind projections. And since you are one of those were super rich and spoiled kids that can afford 2000 EUR flights and festivals, your tragedy is covered by the biggest media outlets like BBC, The Guardian and others that you actually hated. Speaking of hate, why are you crying that the government and the society you hated so deeply isn't helping you enough?

While confronting those simple questions, an actual sample specimen from the "Tribal Gathering tribe" went on hating my opinion to the events, called me a jerk and finished entitling the festival feodal king, Mr. Raper, as a "Savior"! Fact checking the savior was no easy job, which I couldn't do cause the first thing you see in his profile is naked swine playing terrible tunes in a bad live session, while dozens call him guru! So I couldn't check anything further :-D And as for the outraged wook - turned out he is faciliating the porn industry, so ye calling me jerk was maybe a probe ;-)

I also want to emphasize, that although am showing you this disgusting point of view, festivals actually play important role for me and they are for me a place where interesting people meet. This is the actual reason, why I go direct against fake hippies and pretend PLURs! Yep, I want a wook free gatherings, that's it ;-)

Btw, the track was live produced and streamed in my facebook channel KykepArt (click for link), which is also a rare opportunity for you to have a look at my production ;-)

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Don't forget to watch the full Vice report and check out the comments! I've prepared an extract from those for you: