This video puts up together the most impressive and legendary routines in the history of still rings! It started with a promise to add three ring routines every week and after multiple iterations through all of the great ring specialists and their best performances I am happy to announce its full release. Despite it's current finished state I promise that if someone points me to something impressive, which has its place in the video, it'll be added. Furthermore, upcoming milestone routines will find their corresponding place in the video as well.


Chapter 1:
Ring Routines 0:05 - 24:23

0:05 Yordan Yovtchev - legend in the discipline of still rings and artistic gymnastics. I kick off this video with his signature routine from Athens 2004, where he put up maybe the most brutal strength ring performances up to date. Nailing a perfect routine without any single rest in between, including 5 consecutive strength elements highest difficulty and a perfect landing of a grade no-one dare to perform at that time on the finals. Something, that happens once in a lifetime. Later on the gymnastics code of points was changed following terrible misjudgements due to the old scoring system, mostly provoked by Yovtchev.

1:17 Yuri Chechi - another legend in the sport presented here with his rings routine from 1996 in Atalanta. The first one the raise the strength bar immensely high with putting high number perfectly executed holds.

3:32 Albert Azaryan - maybe the first popular ring gymnast, who reformed the discipline of still rings with his performances. His routine maybe from 1960 is one of the few survived recordings to witness his incredible skills on the rings!

4:35 Yuri van Gelder - the most beloved ring strength man over the internet. He brought new strength standards in the discipline of still rings and a big controversy after being caught with coke. Maybe worked towards his popularity :)

6:51 Chen Yibing - the man with the smoothest transitions and a learning book type performances. His signature routine with high diversity of elements, executes in smoothest flow, brought him dozens of gold medals in the discipline of still rings.

8:52 Arthur Zanetti - the one who changed the meaning of "clean execution". It is just e great experience editing his videos and seeing the hold time of his strength elements to hit 3 seconds each time. Maybe in the Brazilian translation of the Code of Points they changed "2s" with "3s" and so long does he freezes every time like having a Swiss stopwatch in his ears.

11:19 Yan Mingyong - my personal favorite Chinese ring specialist. His routine from 2011 in this video brought up the era of the next level of power and execution on the rings.

13:48 Szilveszter Csollány - someone who never got discouraged by hitting always the second place, until he finally climbed the top.

15:16 Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues - very ballsiest guy and one of the most feared in the still rings community, cause he dares to call out routines with over 7 points of difficulty and no-one knows whether he'll stuck his landing and will upset the standings at the end.

17:46 Akinori Nakayama - brought new elements in the rings and smooth swings

18:43 Aleksandr Balandin - someone, who is bringing stiff routines in the recent years, as well as brutal cross uprises to maltese, plance and inverted cross

21:09 Matteo Morandi - another gymnast from Italy, who is in the mix over a decade with a great routines

22:55 Vitaly Scherbo - the man to win 6 olympic gold medals in Barcelona, 1992. What a remarkable performance! His ring routine is beyond spectacular, considering his schedule at that event and also shows couple of rare elements, which are no more in the code of points.

Chapter 2:
Showtime 24:23 - 28:33

24:30 Yordan Yovtchev shows that ring routines are pretty easy and fun at the Olympic Gala in Athens 2004

25:34 Yuri Chechi talks with the crowd at the Olympic Gala in Atalanta 1996

26:51 Brandon Wynn being another crowd dictator at the Pro Gymnastic Challenge in 2013

27:42 Eleftherios Petrounias has to answer

28:08 Tommy Ramos shows the next level of inverted cross to finish the showtime chapter

Chapter 3:
Training 28:33 - 29:33

28:38 Yordan Yovtchev stacks 6 strength elements to display his way of training

29:04 Yuri van Gelder evolves to 7

Chapter 4:
Farewell 29:33 - end

29:33 Yuri Chechi at one of his farewell shows

30:33 Yordan Yovtchev sent by Yuri Chechi and Krassi Dunev to his farewell rings routine a day before turning 40 making up for his fourth deserving appearance here enlightening each chapter!


I am very grateful to all who shared the video and gave their positive feedback!