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Today I read happy that Jordan Jovtchev has qualified for the Olympics in London 2012, which is his sixth Olympics! That makes him the only gymnast to do this, so he'll participate at age of 39 years!

Considering that he is the only Bulgarian gymnast at world level he qualified literally Bulgaria at his own crushing an all 6 apparatus on his own! His own words quoted by are also worth mentioning:

"I am very happy, I can't be any other way," Jovtchev said on Bulgarian radio. "I was a bit anxious facing a hard six-event competition where many famous gymnasts failed to win a spot so I am fully contented now."

Ahlthough, I trully think that the Olympics are symbol for making sports a shit by promoting drugs usage, politic games, nasty tactics like pregnacy and much more shit, I admire this result of this great athlete.

An athlete, who did more for his country than every politician lived.

An athlete, who as he said, sacrificed many gold medals by ignoring the offer to change his citizenship to American.

An athlete, who runs a federation and competes at olympics level.

An athlete, who made dozens of instructionals.

An athlete, who is also a great human!

I won't get into a details about his bio, as you can check in internet by yourself (indeed, not so much written, as it actually should). I'll just add some youtube links to one of his great instructionals about ring strength and the proof that this works - his rings routine in Athens 2004, considered widely as the strongest and cleanest rings routine: