to the free Fight Score application, written by Svilen,

where you can score any fight you want including templates for Amateur and Professional Boxing, MMA, Grappling and Wrestling

Fight Score

Using Fight Score application is important in any perspective. As a trainer one can monitor his sparring sessions at his stable in a professional manner. The fighting fans can score the fights by themselves. For a fighter there is no better way to analyze his own sparring and fight videos. One can also start autoswitching with bell sound and use the program as a simple round timer.

I'll release some usage video soon!



Windows Phone Store: (v. / 07.12.2014)

Windows Installer: (v1.0 / 10.12.2014 / 1.49mb)

This installer relies on .NET 4.0 Client Profile and SQL Compact 3.5, which if not available should be downloaded automatically from the Microsoft website during installation

Windows Installer with SQL Compact 3.5: (v1.0 / 10.12.2014 / 6.61mb)

This installer relies on .NET 4.0 Client Profile, which you should download and install by yourself, but it includes SQL Compact 3.5 in its installation package. If you already have a modern PC with all of those stuff installed please refer to the portable version below

Windows Portable: 64bit or 32bit (v1.0 / 10.12.2014 / 1.96mb)

Note that for the portable version you should have .NET 4.5 and if you want to create a database of your scores / fights / fighters you should have SQL Compact 3.5 installed as well

User Manual: (11.12.2014)

Sample fight imports for Windows versions:

Crawford vs. Beltran and Floyd vs. Manny :)

VS2010 C# Code: (code google svn)


Privacy Statement

Currently the Fight Score application works offline and no user data is stored on the cloud. All saved scores are stored on the phones app storage or on under c:temp/FightScore.sdf

User Manual

To download the full user manual go to downloads section



For any suggestions please feel free to contact me at my live.com email address with my name

You can also rate and write comments through the app store

To support the Fight Score application and its further developments consider the following opportunities:

Donation Link

All donations without precise wishes will result in improving overall functionality and bug fixes :)


Android: 5/1000 EUR

Web: 0/2000 EUR


Boxrec Basic: 0/50 EUR

Sherdog Basic: 0/50 EUR

Wikipedia Basic: 0/50 EUR

Basic means adding a possibility to link fights and fighters to the mentioned bigger databases and be able to click those for further information in a convenient way. Also you can contact me if you want to include some other database fund collector.


Paid: 0/100 EUR per Year and 5 EUR per User

Free: 0/1000 EUR per Year

Stats: ANY EUR to increase stats possibility

This will enable to save your scores on the cloud and build community scores


Dump Local Database to XML: 0/100 EUR

Dump Local Database to TXT: 0/100 EUR

Database Import: 0/200 EUR

Add Score Offline: 0/50

New Scoring Template: 0/200 EUR

Overall Functionality: ANY EUR

Share Score in Facebook / Twitter / etc: 0/50 EUR